You have found yourself a sympathetic AuPair?

It all starts with a heavy start, especially when you first take an AuPair with your family.

After you have found a suitable AuPair, some things have to be organized so that the AuPair abroad (exceptions also application in Austria) the application for visa, or the application for a residence permit as au pair at the Austrian Embassy in the home country (or in exceptional cases the authorities in Austria).

Therefore, we have prepared for you a special visa service package to facilitate formalities and application for a visa for you and your future AuPair ... as well as tips on the selection of the appropriate AuPair insurance or self-insurance to consult with the regional health insurance fund and, if you wish, to arrange it with you as well as to prepare all necessary things.

We are happy to inform you for free if a visa can be applied for. In addition, you and your AuPair are included in our program and enjoy all the advantages of an AuPair agency.

If you would like to use this service contact us by mail: or by phone +43 (0) 7229-21122 - we will send you the invoice for € 199, -. After receipt of payment you will receive all the necessary documents for signing. We forward the documents to your AuPair and help him / her to apply for the visa abroad.

You can also take advantage of this service if your AuPair has the right to enter Austria as a tourist and to apply for suburbs, as well as to AuPair who previously worked in another EU country and who has a valid visa or residence permit for the Schengen area. The same is true even if you want to take an AuPair that had already exercised an AuPair activity in Austria with another host family, but the family would like to change. So-called "changers". 

After the arrival of your AuPair in Austria, you will be looked after by us and enjoy all the advantages of an AuPair agency, with care for the stay, as well as invitations to AuPair meetings and various events.