In cooperation with one of the best tax consultant law firms in Austria, we have designed a payroll package for you as follows:

Which benefits are included in payroll accounting?

  • The prescribed registration with your local health insurance
  • The cost statement of the necessary monthly fees by mail
  • The monthly salary slip for your AuPair, every month by email
  • If the AuPair ratio ends, please notify us so that the deregistration can be made

How much does this service cost our tax consulting firm?

The monthly payroll costs € 21. A maximum of 13 months may be charged if the AuPair was not registered at the beginning of the month.

What needs to be done to have payroll cleared by our tax adviser Raml & Partner in Linz?

  1. Fill out the personal master file (file attachment) and scan it
  2. Fill in the authorization (file attachment) and scan it so that the tax consultant may become active for you
  3. Scan the AuPair contract
  4. Prepare a scan of the passport of your AuPair
  5. Find out your tax code and keep it ready (you will find it on every letter from the tax office, eg withholding tax)
  6. Select a retirement fund of your choice (Attachment)
  7. For AuPair from non EU country please attach the AMS confirmation

You pay directly to the account of Raml & Partner the amount for the entire duration of the AuPair relationship. (€ 273)

End of payroll:

If you want to end the service because your AuPair leaves you ahead of time, you will receive from the package the time not consumed less € 10 for processing Raml & Partner back.

Everything prepared ? Then please send everything in a mail to Mrs. Manuela Moser (payroll at Chancery Raml-Partner, text template for your email can be found in the attachment)

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