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With started an Austrian Online platform for the placement of AuPairs with interested families from all over the world. the new agency on the internet

With an Austrian online platform for the placement of AuPairs with interested families from all over the world started. This innovative online service offers families the reputable and comfortable opportunity to find a suitable AuPair as well as young people a platform to present themselves as an AuPair.

What is an AuPair?

The term "AuPair" comes from French and means "on reciprocity". An AuPair lives as a family member with a foreign host family. In return for free food, logis and a pocket money, the AuPair looks after the children and takes on light housework. AuPairs are young ladies and gentlemen, mostly between the age of 18 and 28 (depending on the country, there are different regulations). AuPairs benefit from their commitment by broadening their personal horizons of experience, improving their knowledge of foreign languages ​​in their daily family life, as well as in their language courses, as well as gaining experience with children and in household management. An AuPair must not be regarded as a cleaning power, a good value-estimating integration into the family life is important.

How works?

Searching AuPairs will create a personal profile at  by presenting them in as much detail as possible, uploading a photo or video, announcing their knowledge, as well as your wishes, such as the desired duration of the AuPair engagement abroad, which target countries are eligible , which language they speak, or which foreign languages ​​they want to speak or learn. On the other hand, host families also create their own detailed profile by presenting their specific requirements, their expectations for an AuPair, and the family in words and pictures. offers an intelligent matching system as well as a search function with matching characteristics ("Matching System"). Similar to a dating platform, one can find various search criteria, e.g. (S), Age, Experience... If you find a suitable one, you can send an instant message to the AuPair or family. If the searcher wants to get in contact with the AuPair by phone or via Skype video conversation, she has to purchase one of the Click-Premium-Tariffs (from EUR 9.90). Then you can communicate with the selected AuPairs without restriction.

Who is behind

Alexander Rief is the founder of the online platform He lives with his family in Ansfelden near Linz.

Alexander Rief was born in 2012 father of twins. To make his life easier for himself and his wife, he decided to take an AuPair after the first year of the children's life. The first AuPair girl came from Russia, her name was Aleksandra, followed by two AuPairs from Ukraine, Alina and Iryna. The girls proved themselves during the care of the children and took over also light activities in the household. The idea was born.

Questions to founder Alexander Rief.

What are your goals with

We have a clear vision: we want to be one of the best and largest in the world. This sounds big, but why should not a company based in Austria be among the big players in this sector? So we think globally: Our market is the whole world. Thanks to Internet and social media this is relatively easy. We will certainly not be perfect from the beginning, we need a lot of learning and re-adjust to everything, but we will work with all our efforts to satisfy our customers.

What distinguishes from the competition?

There are various operators worldwide offering similar services. There are some points that make the difference:

Although we are an Internet agency with self-service, we attach great importance to good personal service to our customers.

On AuPairs and families can introduce themselves with photos, soon also with Videobotschaften.

Keyword KYC ("Know your customer"). With us, there will only be verified profiles, so no fake people.

We always try to stay up to date

Our price-performance ratio is one of the best in the industry. We offer lower prices with longer membership times.

Last but not least, we are addressing with the necessary seriousness and the necessary seriosity in the processing, but the joke in the advertising communication does not leave quite outside. If you watch our videos on Facebook & Co., you'll understand what I mean.

What costs membership?

The first thing to say is that our service for AuPairs is always free and will remain free of charge. Families can find AuPairs in advance, but can not communicate freely with them. Only after the launch of a tariff it is possible to get in touch with his desired AuPair directly. Since then often the most favorable tariff "Quick search" is enough around EUR 9.90. If you want to take a longer time and contact several AuPairs, simply choose from our Click-Premium-Tariffs:

1 week                       EUR 9,90 (Quick-Search)

2 months                    EUR 29,90

6 months                    EUR 59,90

12 months                  EUR 99,90

We also offer an Agency Tariff for smaller local AuPair agencies. They can then find AuPairs through our platform, if they have themselves received inquiries from searching families. Agencies can create up to 30 AuPair profiles themselves in order to be able to provide the appropriate families internationally for their AuPairs. We are not thinking about the competition, but on the contrary, we want to support them as partners.

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