Find YOUR right host family

You are already registered? After the registration on, you can create your personal Click&Find with all host families, which match with your search criteria. So you can easily get in contact with your chosen host family.

Questions that are always asked...

  • Are the host families still looking for an AuPair?
    You can see that these profiles are host families looking for an AuPair based on the following criteria: If you discover a host family is not seriously looking, please contact us. We are happy when our users support us. With every profile on our site, you can set a status. That means, families and also AuPairs, have the possibility to adjust between:

  1. Active (I'm actively searching)
  2. Inactive (I have already found an Aupair / family)
  3. Standby (found host family..find other Aupair in your area)

So, you can see on the profile at the first sight, whether the family is still looking for an AuPair, or if they have already found someone.

  • Are the host families on real families and no fakes?
    Every family registered with us will be examined by us. Our team handles this manually. If, in our opinion, the family makes a good impression, the profile will be approved by us first and will then be visible to everyone else on our site. Incidentally, as an AuPair, you can easily find out yourself whether the host families who contact you are genuine or not. If you still have doubts, you should first cancel the contact and inform us.

  • What are the respective search criteria?
    In the search, you can decide which criteria you want to search. You can search for usernames, but also for certain countries, for users who are currently online, etc. The search criteria can be designed and limited as desired, so that optimal results can be achieved. Another possibility (if you have no specific ideas) is to browse through all the profiles that have uploaded photos. It seems all these profiles, no matter if you are AuPair or a host family.

  • How can I get the best results for my search?
    In order to obtain more suitable results, we also recommend the search through our matching system that everyone can customize. It facilitates the search function in your profile. There, our matching system finds targeted profiles that match most of your criteria. The search is therefore very easy to find the right host family for you.