How to become a host family in Austria?

The whole family decided to take an AuPair
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How can you become a host family in Austria?

Do you fulfill all the requirements to become a host family in Austria? Here you will learn everything about the topic.

The entry requirements for your AuPair in Austria

We will tell you the difference between an AuPair from the EU or a non-EU country. What do you have to consider and which documents are needed?

What are the costs? What about the working time & leisure time of your AuPair in Austria?

What can your family expect from an AuPair? How much vacation is planed for AuPairs actually? Here we have summarized all important information and details about the AuPair stay in Austria.

Insurance, AuPair contract, driving license for the host country Austria?

Does your AuPair need to be insured? Is the AuPairs driving license valid in the host country? Do you need an AuPair contract? What can you do for your safety?


The most important information for host families

1. In your household lives at least 1 child thats younger than 18 years?

2. You can provide a own, lockable room for your AuPair?

3. You want a "big sister" or a "big brother" for your children and someone who supports you with childcare and also do lighter housework?

4. Your language you are daily speaking is German?

5. Are you willing to allow the AuPair to participate in a language course?

If you fulfill all these points - Great! Now you can start with your search for the right AuPair.

Working & Leisure, Costs & Co.

The recommended number of working hours varies significantly between countries. Here is a brief overview:


25-40 hours/week


Max. 20 hours/week


18-30 hours/week


30 hours/week

England and United Kingdom

30 hours/week


Max. 30 hours/week


30 hours/week


30 hours/week


15-30 hours/week


25-30 hours/week

New Zealand

30-40 hours/week


Max. 30 hours/week


30 hours/week


18 hours/week


Max. 40 hours/week


Max. 30 hours/week


30 hours/week

South Africa

30 hours/week


Max. 45 hours/week

Contract, insurance and driving license

AuPairs and host families in Austria should sign the Austrian AuPair contract (in German). The Employment Service (Arbeitsmarktservice AMS) needs the German contract version.

AuPairs need a valid health, accident and liability insurance during their stay in the host country.

But why is an AuPair insurance important?

Insurance is the first step towards a carefree stay for AuPairs and host families. The health insurance should cover treatment costs abroad as well as a medical transport. Also to be considered are the assistance services, which covers the organization and costs of the arrival of a family member in case of a serious illness of the AuPair.

According to the Federal Agency for Employment, host families in Germany are required to insure accordingly. As an AuPair, it is recommended to inquire about the extent of the insurance cover with your host family.

Is a driving license important for AuPairs?

Basically the driving license is not required for an AuPair stay.

However, it is always a big advantage when an AuPair has a driving license. Many tasks - not all - require the use of a car. Of course, the driver license is of little use if the AuPair does not have the necessary driving practice.

For you as a host family

If the AuPair have a driver license, you should note the following:

  • Clarify whether the AuPair has driving practice. Many of them have a driving license, but they have never driven a car.
  • The driving license or an international driving license may only be valid for a certain time. Please check with your police service or ADAC. Also check if a verification is necessary.
  • Clarify with your insurance company who is responsible for any damage.
  • You can also allow the AuPair some driving lessons that she/he can accustom with the streets and traffic regulations in your country.

For your AuPair

The AuPair should inquire whether her/his driving license is valid in your host country or if she/he has to exhibit an international driving license. Please ask the authorities who are responsible for you.

An AuPair from an Eu country

For EU citizens, a valid ID or passport is sufficient if she/he want to come to Austria. The AuPair also DON´T NEED a work permit or a residence permit. However, if the stay is longer than 3 months, she/he will need a registration certificate from your responsible residence authority.

Please note that according to the ASVG, that the AuPair must be registered in Austria during her/his work with the statutory social insurance.

An AuPair from a non-EU country

Ask your AuPair to send you the following documents:

  • A proof of her/his language skills
  • a signed copy of the AuPair contract, in which you record both the most important points of the stay

If you take an AuPair from a non-EU country, it is necessary that you inform the Employment Service (Arbeitsmarktservice AMS) 2 weeks before the start of her/his stay. If you and your AuPair fulfill all the requirements of the AMS, the display confirmation will be issued. For this purpose, you will need the documents mentioned above.

The display confirmation is valid for six months and can be extended for another six months.

Send the following documents to your AuPair, that she/he can apply for a visa:

  • the conclusion of an insurance
  • the display confirmation from the labor market service (AMS)

With these documents, your AuPair can apply for the visa.

The AMS notification confirmation is a prerequisite for the issuance of the AuPair visa and the residence permit.

In the case of statutory social insurance, the AuPair should be registered as soon as she/he arrived in Austria. As the host family you can contact your local authority.

Working Holiday Visa

How does the Working Holiday Visa work?

A working holiday visa is usually issued only once. Here, certain age limits must be observed. AuPairs from Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Hong Kong, South Korea and Taiwan must be between 18 and UNDER 31 years of age when applying, and the age limit of 35 years for Canada.

What documents does the applicant need to apply for?

  • completed application form
  • valid passport for at least three months after the stay
  • a current passport picture (35 x 45 mm)
  • a copy of the return flight ticket or a copy of a flight reservation (return flight!)
  • a proof of completed health insurance
  • a proof of sufficient financial resources for the stay