pricelist valid from 12.9.2018 Elite - the personal arranging for hostfamilies

name of the package period price € until 6 months* (personal arranging) for AuPairs who stay until 6 months 399,00 € 12 months* (personal arranging) for AuPairs who stay longer than 6 months 699,00 €
Summer-AuPair* (personal arranging for AuPairs, who want to support during the summer holidays) 2-3 months 299,00 €
AuPair changer* (for AuPairs who are already in Austria but want to change the family) until 12 months 399,00 €

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Discount for Elite

*25% discount for families with familycard! Please contact us in advance personally or by email:
to claim the discount! "Visa Service Package" for families

name of the package period price €
Visa-Service (you have already found an AuPair by yourself and want our service to support the visa application) until 12 months 199,00 € "Service wage withholding" for families

name of the package period price €
wage withholding service  until 12 months 21,00 €/ per month

→ With this service you are on the safe side as a host family. The law firm will take over the registration for the minor employment of your AuPairs at the competent regional health insurance fund. Before the end of each month you will receive a payslip, as well as an account with your non-wage labor costs (statutory accident insurance + Vorsorgekasse), which are to be paid to the responsible regional health insurance.

We can only recommend this service. You can thus make sure that everything is registered properly and properly and is charged correctly.

_______________________________________________________________________________ App & PC packages for searching families

name of the package period price €
AuPair-Finder "try it 3 days for free" 3 days 0 €
AuPair-Finder 1 month 29,99 €
AuPair-Finder 3 months 39,99 €
AuPair-Finder 6 months 59,99 €
AuPair-Finder 12 months 99,99 €

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♥ The membership for AuPairs is for free!

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