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AuPair.click GmbH is an Internet platform for the worldwide placement of AuPairs and host families. The AuPairs and the seeking families create a profile and can find themselves through search restrictions. However, you can not yet directly contact. The service is unlike a normal AuPair agency for AuPairs free of charge. However, the host families will purchase a Click-Premium-Package of their choice and then be able to communicate with the AuPairs in a certain period of time without any restrictions and then finally decide whether they fit together.

If this is the case, the host family will conclude a contract directly with the AuPairs and take care of the entire formalities together with the future AuPair. On the platform, most of the usual formalities are described to the majority of the guests and are offered to families and au pairs. AuPairs can also buy a premium package at their own request, if they want to become active themselves to contact more families personally.

Our team shows and helps you to find the perfect AuPair or host family and this all in a few steps and really easy on our homepage.


to become an AuPair

Our service for AuPairs offers young people from all countries who would like to experience as an AuPair in another country, the possibility to find the right host family in the desired country.

host families

Our service for families offers parents with children from all countries who would like to take an AuPair as childcare support, the possibility to find a suitable AuPair with the desired search criteria.

elderly care from 2018 onwards

Especially for the German-speaking countries, we start with our AuPair for Grandma & Grandpa (AuPair for 60+) service from 2018 onwards. For our older fellow humans, which are sometimes no longer quite fit, we start a special AuPair.click product. More information will follow in 2018.

 "Care AuPair XL" for Austria costs € 43/ month, for Germany there are rates from € 21/ month. Cheaper than the local health insurance and suitable for the visa application in the home country (for AuPair from a Non-EU country), as well as for applying for a residence permit in Austria.

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